Raymond F. Bourque

Raymond F. Bourque

Investment Advisor

Raymond F. Bourque began his investment management career in 1996 with the St. Petersburg office of a New York based National Wirehouse. A native Floridian, Raymond served in the United States Navy, first as an enlisted man and later as a commissioned officer. As an Electronic Technician and Navy Diver serving aboard a nuclear powered submarine, Raymond saved and invested for college. He is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Chemistry. A Senior Vice President recruited Raymond to become an investment advisor, believing that Raymond’s diverse background and experience would help others navigate the complex world of investing.

Understanding that an atmosphere of trust and an attitude of service must underlie a good working relationship, Raymond firmly believes in the consultative and analytical approach to investing. He helps his clients develop a specific investment plan, a plan based upon individual goals and objectives, and tempered by one’s time frame and tolerance for risk. This results in a dynamic portfolio, one that Raymond reviews and monitors with his clients in regular meetings, and one that may be adjusted periodically as the market and life changes dictate. He specializes in privately managed accounts, retirement plans including 401(k)s, municipal bonds, insurance, and estate preservation.

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